Job Updates

We are resuming accepting submission for this UX position

Sunday, November 28, 2021

We have processed the first round of submissions for this UX position. Unfortunately we have not found a good match.

The most common problems that we found with the candidates are as follows:

  • Badly organized and written resume. If you are a UX designer, we expect that you have a well written and organized resume. This is your most important product. If you don't put extra care in this aspect of your work, it does not send good signal for the rest of your portfolio.

  • There are way too many UX designers emphasizing on mobile apps over web systems. This is a mistake. It is much simpler to design for mobile app in general because the screen and input limitation. There are also a lot of existing pattern of interactions for mobile. Web systems however are wild west. It has multiple possible inputs, large amount of screen space and no single standard of UX interaction. It is critical that you spend time on this space and understand the medium.

UX Designer