ASP.NET Core - Full Stack Software Engineer (Web)

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General Description

You will be part of a high performing team that have strong skills and opinions on how software development should be performed. The team has produced and maintained a wide range of software from scaling an existing software to producing critical infrastructure for governments and private sectors.

The work culture is friendly, open and frank. Feedback and arguments are welcome. While the work is very interesting, it will require that you read a lot and acquire new techniques and technologies. You will be a self starter and possess the discipline in communicating and carrying your work.

You will be working with ASP .NET Core and mentored by Mr. Dody Gunawinata the author of the most popular ASP .NET Core open-source learning & samples repository in the world (

About The Company

SilverKey Technologies has been developing software for more than 20 years. Started at Chicago, USA and in multiple other parts of the world across different continents and mainly now in Egypt. SilverKey Technologies has a wide range of customer types; we work with NGOs, Bankers, Tech-Startups, Fin-Startups, Private Sector Companies & Governments. SilverKey Technologies has been dedicated to tremendously lower the risk of failure in software projects and achieve the goal of software initiatives around the world. For more information, go to the company's website

Employment Type



You will possess the following skills:

  • Have at least 1 year of professional working experience. Or have strong skills in developing systems based on ASP .NET Core. In addition to basic Web technologies.
    Have strong skills in at the following languages:
    • C#
    • TypeScript / JavaScript
    • HTML & CSS
    • SQL
    • LINQ
  • Have a strong understanding of Relational Databases concepts (NoSQL is a plus).
  • Have strong skills in at least one of the following databases:
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • PostgreSQL
    • Redis (or similar technology)
    • Elasticsearch (or similar technology)
  • Have perfect communication skills in written and spoken English & Arabic.
  • Must be able to write well-written concept ideas and technical documentation in English that many people can understand.
  • Have a good understanding of Distributed Systems & System Design.
  • Have an interesting software built on ASP .Net Core hosted on your Github/Gitlab account (put a link to your profile).
  • Have a strong understanding of Web architectures & technologies.
  • Have a strong understanding of at least one ORM and its concepts.
  • Have a strong personality in paying attention to details and tinkering with ideas.
  • Have a good work ethic.
  • Have a good ethical sensibility.
  • Maintaining and contributing to open-source projects is a strong plus.
  • Experience in Linux is a strong plus.
  • Experience in Message Oriented systems is a strong plus.
  • Experience in workflow-based systems is a strong plus.
  • Experience in Temporal Engine is a strong plus.
Basic Expectations
  • You have an honest & ethical behavior & attitude at all times.
  • You have at least 1 years of experience of professional software development. Or you correctly know how to program ASP .NET Core based applications.
  • You must include your GitHub/Gitlab profile that contains at least one ASP.NET Core project that represents your current knowledge and understanding of system programming. Otherwise, it is highly likely that your application will be rejected automatically.
  • We are mostly working from home right now, except for cases where we need to have an internal team meeting or a meeting with a customer or customer training. At the same time, we are moving toward being a hybrid company.
  • You have perfect internet connection (and a backup one) & a quiet & suitable place that you can work at.
  • You know that your salary will be paid in EGP.
  • You will be working from the office everyday for your first training month or so; until you are well integrated within the company.
  • We have flexible working hours. And we have a core hours that everybody is required to be available & online from 12 PM to 4 PM.
  • We strongly expect from you that you can read and understand technical documentation written in English.
  • We expect from you that you have a very good work ethic.
  • We expect from you that you have a deep understanding for technical concepts, not just how to use them.
Location Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt (Hybrid).
Application Process
  • Your submission will be reviewed within a few working days of submission and the decision for shortlisting will be decided then.
  • If you are shortlisted, you will be interviewed by our team leads. This interview will be an online exam containing the following parts:
    • Problem solving question (medium).
    • A theoretical Computer Science question.
    • Multiple EQ questions.
  • If you pass this stage, you will be invited for a technical discussion with our Engineering Lead.
  • If you pass this interview, there will be another final interview with SilverKey's CEO, Mr. Taher El-Shafie.

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