ASP.NET Core Web Developer

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You will be part of a high performing team that have strong skills and opinions on how software development should be performed. The team have produced and maintained wide range of software from scaling an existing software to producing critical infrastructure for governments and private sectors.

The work culture is friendly, open and frank. Feedback and arguments are welcome.

The work is very interesting but it will require that you read a lot and acquire new techniques and technologies. You will be a self starter and possess the discipline in communicating and carrying your work.

You will be working with ASP.NET Core and mentored by the author of the very popular Practical ASP.NET Core.


You will posses the following skills:

  • Communicates well in written and spoken Arabic and English
  • You must be able to write a well written concept ideas and technical documentation in English that many people can understand
  • You will have demonstrated the ability to create useful and interesting software.
  • Posses strong skills in at least two of the following languages:
    • JavaScript
    • TypeScript
    • C#
    • SQL
  • Posses strong skills in at least one of the following databases:
    • MS SQL
    • PosgreSQL
    • MariaDB
    • MySql
    • MongoDB
  • Experience in Message Oriented Middleware is a strong plus.
  • Have a strong skills in HTML and CSS.
  • Have a strong understanding about database.
  • Have a strong understanding of the web.
  • Have a strong personality in paying attention to details and tinkering with ideas.
  • Have a good work ethic.
  • Have a good ethical sensibility.
  • You must be well read.
  • Maintaining and contribution to open source projects is a strong plus.
  • Strong skills in Linux is a strong plus.
Location Cairo, Egypt (but mostly working remotely from home)
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