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Innolabs Mobile Internship

You will be part of a rapid production team that generate prototypes and demos to validate product and technology ideas. You will be applying your skills in different type of industries and fields. Each prototyping project will measure in days and weeks instead of months. You will be involved in multifaceted team from various disciplines.

You will be involved in discussion of shaping ideas, giving feedback to paper prototypes, and implementing Apps prototypes in a speedy manners.

You will test product designs from idea paper, paper prototype and software prototype.

The work culture is friendly, open and frank. Feedbacks and arguments are welcome.

The work is very interesting but it will require that you read a lot and acquire new techniques and technologies. You will be a self starter and possess the discipline in communicating and carrying your work.


You will posses the following skills:

  • Communicates well in written and spoken Arabic and English
  • You must be able to write a well written concept ideas and technical documentation in English that many people can understand
  • Posses a strong development skills in either (if you have both, we want to talk to you) ** Android Development ** iOS
  • You will have demonstrated the ability to create useful and interesting Apps. If you do not have at least two published Apps, please do not apply.
  • Posses strong skills in at least two of the following languages:
    • JavaScript
    • Objective-C
    • C++
    • C
    • Kotlin
    • Java
    • C#
    • Dart(Flutter)
  • Have a strong understanding about concurrency, graphics and system communications.
  • Have a strong personality in paying attention to details and tinkering with ideas.
  • Have a good work ethic.
  • Have a good ethical sensibility.
  • Maintaining and contribution to open source projects is a strong plus.
Cairo, Egypt

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